Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

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Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

Post by Mahrez on 2016-01-07, 11:46

Just for Victory - Addicted to Skill
MeMe - Moral Decadence
Daredevils - Black XPress
Allstars - PROject Mayhem

Wildcards for postponing matches must be used at least one hour before the official time. The match must be rescheduled within 7 days and both teams must confirm the new date. If both teams wish to play at a different time and confirm it in this thread, using a wildcard is not necessary.

Match times are Eastern European Time = CET + 1 hour - 20:00 EET = 19:00 CET.

Post the match result, along with the replay, goal scorers, assisters & clean sheets for both teams 
You must include the exact time on REC for each goal!
Mark with "*" nice goals for GotW. 

Post the result like this:

Team A 2:0 Team B

1st Half
Link to the replay

01:30 Scorer (Assister) *
Cleansheet -> 

2nd Half
Link to the replay

11:52 Scorer (Assister)
Cleansheet ->

Occurences: (if there's)

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Re: Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

Post by Vizitator on 2016-01-10, 20:22

MeMe - Moral Decadence 0-3 after defwin

era si 20 n-au fost toti te-am pupat.

Result added


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Re: Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

Post by Soul. on 2016-01-10, 20:45

AS 3-0 PM

Prima repriza:

7:18 Lv.
cs Soul.

A doua repriza:

8:27 Lv (Pele) ***
8:42 Lv (neymar)
si rq..
cs Soul. => 2cs Soul.

REC checked
Result + stats added
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Re: Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

Post by AustinN on 2016-01-10, 20:57

J4V 4-3 A2s

0:33 Frozen (Cabella)
3:30 ANDREi
4:24 Cabella
5:54 Frozen ( Cabella )
10:41 ANDREi ( Pjanic)
13:25 Ron (og) ....
16:38 Frozen ( Cabella )

1st edit: Avertisment pentru Austin, Julyan, SC30 si Pjanic pentru limbaj.
ANDREi: e soul
Pjanić : ratata e ma-ta
ANDREi: Wink
Si sa stii ca nu sunt DM si eram in meci, nu ma mai acuza de fake cand pierzi.

2nd edit: Nici un advertisment, amandoi au ban permanent, s-au mai plans oameni la mine cu diferite motive. Nu meritati sa jucati aici.

Nu au existat cs-uri. Gg ambelor echipe !

REC checked
Result + stats added

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Re: Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

Post by Sabz on 2016-01-10, 21:24

DD 5-2 BXP

5:28 Deliric(Crixus)
Shap cs

9:10 DrG(Alexis)
10:18 og Arda
11:00 og Shap
11:28 og DrG
13:55 Alexis(Deliric)***
15:44 DrG

REC checked
Result + stats added

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Re: Fixture #2 (10/01/2016)

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