#1 Allstars- Just 4 Victory

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#1 Allstars- Just 4 Victory

Post by ♥ ηєумαя ♥ . on 2016-06-20, 22:53

screenshot made at 19.57 romania time / 18.57 cet time and deadline to wait is 19:15 cet lol
give me something solid like room replay from that time or ss that we were not here at 19:15? 
Players from J4V:
Mish - http://prntscr.com/biryex (online is scheduled time)
Rosemary - http://prntscr.com/biryp9 (online in scheduled time)
juliano - http://prntscr.com/biryz0 (online at scheduled time)
Rq* and MARBLE were also here at scheduled time.

One more thing to add, in wildcard topic you avoid to play during the whole week this match obviously catching last day to play it (deadline time). You shown only silly ss 3 mins before match should be played anyway.

If Marinovic has anything else to add, I would like to hear it ofc ^^

Marinovic: Warn (Next time create a new complaint in the relevant sub-forum)

K, so Pele's screenshot was made at 19:03 CET that mean 20:03 Romanian hour, the regular match or hour being at 19:00 CET - look it again http://imgur.com/GewNMkE

Mish - http://prntscr.com/biryex (online is scheduled time)Rosemary - http://prntscr.com/biryp9 (online in scheduled time)juliano -http://prntscr.com/biryz0 (online at scheduled time)Rq* and MARBLE were also here at scheduled time.

They're not even now online on FRH teamspeak, i already asked Marinovic and he said they must be online on FRH teamspeak not on others they didnt were only even Pele made the screenshot 
- http://imgur.com/GewNMkE
even now after 2 hours
- http://i.imgur.com/DsCXQun.png

Ron is online on FRH team speak only for 16 minutes, he didnt was online even at the regular hour  

-  http://i.imgur.com/jOPlXTP.png

I want the answer to be decided again cus is a clear def win for us even the screenshot was made after 3 minutes, they didnt were online at the regular or after 15 minutes how you can see it on the screenshots.
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Re: #1 Allstars- Just 4 Victory

Post by Vizitator on 2016-06-20, 23:23

Request Checked

No clear evidence!


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