#11 Darkside Emperors - Lux Aeterna

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#11 Darkside Emperors - Lux Aeterna

Post by shoxie on 2016-07-20, 23:31

Scor: 3-4
Rec : http://haxrec.com/111977

0:48 Muris|William *

Aici , la primul gol , se vede cum atunci cand William da pasa , Lass se duce in jos fiindca l-a tras lagul..

2:15 Muris|William *

Si aici , pe zek0 l-a tras in stanga ..

Cerem rejucarea acestui meci deoarece pe tot parcursul lui au fost spike-uri insotite de un lag considerabil.

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Re: #11 Darkside Emperors - Lux Aeterna

Post by elite on 2016-07-20, 23:39

Complaint accepted!
 DE - LA should be rematch within 7 days after initial kick-off time, otherwise the deadline for this match is scheduled for 28/07/16 at 20:00 EET (19:00 CET).
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