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Post by Shap on 2016-08-28, 14:51

UPDATE: Narcos is replaced with Nighthawks !
All fixtures

 Fixture 10
  Leicester - Satra BENZ
 Lux Aeterna v HC Prowlers

Fixture 11

 Allstars v Lux Aeterna

 HC Prowers v Leicester

Fixture 12

Satra BENZ v HC Prowlers
Leicester v Allstars

Fixture 13
Lux Aeterna v Leicester
Allstars v Satra BENZ

Fixture 14
HC Prowlers v Allstars
Satra BENZ v Lux Aeterna

Fixture 15

Satra BENZ v Leicester
HC Prowlers v Lux Aeterna

Fixture 16
Lux Aeterna v Allstars
Leicester v HC Prowlers

Fixture 17
 HC Prowlers v Satra BENZ

 Allstars v Leicester

Fixture 18
Leicester v Lux Aeterna
Satra Benz v Allstars

Fixture 19

Allstars v HC Prowlers
Lux Aeterna v Satra BENZ

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