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Post by Shap on 2016-09-07, 12:20

- To postpone a match (change the kick-off date and time), a so called “Wildcard” is necessary. In order, to make use of it, you have to open a topic in this forum section.

» Amount of wildcards per season (League): – 6 –

- A wildcard has to be used within – 1 – hour before the match's kick-off time. Exception: The opponent team is allowed to accept the postponement even though it has not been posted within the deadline.If used wildcard but the match was played on the same day the wildcard not count.

- The match has to be played in – 7 – days, otherwise the staff-members will decide a deadline for the match.

- If the opponent accepts an offered match date, no team is allowed to cancel it without the opponent’s agreement stated by a “confirm” in the forum. If a team is not appearing on the agreed match day, Teamspeak screenshots can be delivered as an evidence to grant a 3-0 Defwin.

- If a team uses wildcard outside the transfer period and the match is played after reopening transfers window, new players are prohibided from attending the match.

- If both did not post a result in time, it will be counted as a Defloss for both teams.

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