Matchday 13 (23/10/2016)

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Matchday 13 (23/10/2016)

Post by elite on 2016-10-11, 16:50

Lux Aeterna - Leicester
Salut Go - Satra BENZ 3-0

Wildcards for postponing matches must be used at least one hour before the official time. The match must be rescheduled within 7 days and both teams must confirm the new date. If both teams wish to play at a different time and confirm it in this thread, using a wildcard is not necessary.

Post the match result, along with the replay, lineup, goal scorers, assisters & clean sheets for both teams
You must include the exact time on REC for each goal!
Mark with "*" nice goals for GotW.

Match times are 20:00 EET (CET = EET - 1h) & 20:30 EET (for the broadcasted ones), Stream match : 
Replays should be uploaded on 

Team A 2:0 Team B

1st Half
- Lineup
- REC File
- 01:30 Scorer, Assister (*)
- Clean Sheets

2nd Half
- Lineup
- REC File
- 03:10 Scorer, Assister (*)
- Clean Sheets

Additional note(s): (if there's)

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Re: Matchday 13 (23/10/2016)

Post by champion on 2016-10-23, 21:39

LA-LS 1:2
1st half:
3;53 Occasional(intersize) ***
+cs Firmino
2nd half:
0;25 Chimie
11;55 Occasional(champion) ***

gg guys

REC Checked
Results and statistics added
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